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1. Applicant shall satisfy the minimum requirements specified by the Insurance Authority. For details, please refer to the Guideline on Minimum Requirements for Insurance Brokers
2. Download and complete our “Application Form for Technical Representative Registration”, and submit it with the supporting documents and payment as required in our “Checklist”.
3. Application with defect will be returned.
4. Application result / follow up issue will be notified to the appointing member in writing approximately 10 working days upon receipt of the application, subject to full completion of due diligence checking.
5. If the applicant is a Technical Representative (“TR”) currently registered under another insurance broker, he/she shall provide us with his/her written explanation for the dual registration, and original consent letters from the two brokers concerned, signed by the Chief Executives, in acceptance of such dual registration. Approval of such application depends on justification and is solely at the discretion of our Membership Sub-Committee which may disapprove the application.
(a) Our membership year starts from 1st July of each year and ended at 30th June of the subsequent year. Irrespective of the registration date, the licence will expire on 30th June of each year and can be renewed in the manner and form as specified by us.
(b) Unsuccessful applicant can re-apply after 3 months from our notification.