Course Date Title Status
15 Jan 2020 Claims Procedures and Case Study on Marine Cargo Claims Relating to Different Types of Cargoes and Incidents Open for enrolment
14 Jan 2020 Employees’ Compensation and Public Liability Policy Coverage for Commercial Sector: Underwriting and Claims Open for enrolment
13 Jan 2020 Claims Management Series: Public Liability Insurance for Shop Open for enrolment
19 Dec 2019 Business Ethics and Trusted Professionals Closed
19 Dec 2019 Insurance Analytics and Their Applications Closed
18 Dec 2019 Employees’ Compensation and Personal Injuries Claims – An Update Closed
18 Dec 2019 Fundamentals of Actuarial in General Insurance Closed
17 Dec 2019 Legal Principles applicable to Insurance Contract and Corporate Governance Closed
17 Dec 2019 Enterprise Risk Management: Concepts Applications Closed
16 Dec 2019 Reinsurance: Concepts, Tools and Recent Developments Closed